Tour of AKDAĞ

Akdağ Natural Park has 14,916- hectare area which is located between Sandıklı and Çivril district of Denizli.

The importance of this area is created by great recreation potential of Akdağ, richness of wildlife, attractive canyons and landscape.

It creates habitat for animals thanks to its high mountain climax ecosystem. You can see animals like deer and jade on this area. According to records, it is known that number of deer is over 500. Moreover, some protected jaegers like black vulture, red vulture, bearded vulture and booted eagle can be seen on this area.

Tour of DAVRAZ

Davraz mountain is one of the mountain blocks which cover Isparta plain and is between Eğirdir and Kovada lakes on lake area of Meditterranean has 2635 meter height of summit. Davraz Dağı-Karlıyayla winter sports tourism center is located on south-east of Isparta and is 26 kilometers away from center of Isparta. It was announced as tourism center on 17.02.1995. It is 8 kilometers away from Çobanisa village which is the closest habitat. Skiing center is located on the Kulovası plain, north side of Davraz. Area of skiing center is the only important river, Ardıçdibi stream. Climate includes mostly pine tree, juniper, cedar tree and welwitschia.

Davraz mountain gives opportinity to other mountain sports addition to skiing, thanks to its geographical structure.

Castle of AFYON

It is located on a naturally high, volcanic rock block which has 226 meter height. The Castle which was used as fortified place by Murşil II, emperor of Hittite in 1350 BC was called as Hapanuva. Then it was called as Akroenos during Roman and Byzantian era. After that time, it had name “ Karahisar “ by Seljuks.