Thermal water which is also named as “mineral water” needs to have at least 1 gram mineral per liter and to be natural hot water which is 200 C to be used as thermal hot spring. Experts advise people who have a disease or not to visit thermal springs at least once a year.

Brain and Vascular Diseases

Healing therapies are practiced successfully to rehabilitate paralysis, disorders because of stress and neurologic diseases with bath and massage therapies which are integrated to Wellness.

Successful results are achieved against to different diseases such as hemiplegic ( local paralysis) or paraplegia ( paralysis on both legs ).

Dermatologic Diseases

Hypothermal water provides physical and chemical changes on skin thanks to hydrostatical passing through skin, absorption and accumulation on skin. It helps various dermatologic diseases to be cured.

The most important effect of hyperthermal water on skin is that it fastens blood flow. After thermal cure, positive changes have been observed such as strong and bulky hair and shining skin. Thermal water helps people of every age by slowing down getting age thanks to biological cell structure therapy.


Thermal water has positive effects on curing inflammations through nerves, tendon inflammations and diarthrosis inflammations.


There are different calcifications such as diarthrosis calcification which starts with diarthrosis pain and difficulty at moving and backbone calcification. Thermal water is used as first choice to these diseases and moreover, positive effects are observed at decreasing muscle pain.

Neurotic Diseases

Comforting and calming effects of water help to achieve successful results against to diseases such as cerebral palsy and polio which rehabilitation is critical at curing.

It is also vital for patients to be practiced by experts to get a full treatment. Correct environmental conditions are also among factors which are effective to get full treatment.

Thermal water is also used to have spiritual relief.

Orthopedic Diseases

Effective results are obtained while curing orthopedic diseases thanks to thermal water. Thermal rehabilitation is used effectively for diseases after operations on skeleton, physical disorders because of accidents and disorders with diarthrosis.

It is observed that thermal water has a great effect on curing different diseases such as healing broken bones faster, disorders after diseases and brain and nerve disorders which prevent the patients’ moving for a long time.

Rheumatism Diseases

Chronic rheumatism diseases lead the diseases which make people’s lives difficult.

Thermal water has a great importance to make complaints caused by rheumatism diseases.

Thermal water treatment increases people’s life standards in terms of healt and make them comfort.

Incredible resutls have been observed after bath therapies which were practised under control of experts.

Thermal water is used also as a completinf factor against to diseases such as choronic backahce like rheumatoid arthritis, diarthrosis diseases and tissue diseases.

Breathing Passage Diseases

Thermal water is a source of cure for upper respiratory tract diseases like bronchitis, asthma and pneumoconiosis. Climatotherapy is practiced mostly for these kinds of diseases which is mentioned before.

Nephrology Diseases

Thermal water has also a positive effect on urinary system and kidney diseases. Thermal water helps blood be filtered from kidney thanks to its molecular structure and particles. The increase on filtering has a positive effect on detoxification process.

Thermal water is also effective to get rid of renal calculi and other diseases caused by urinary system.