We offer you, our dear guests, thermal hot spring concept which will help you get rid of all of your daily stress and make you calm physically and mentally by ignoring the time with far-east massage therapies of our expert masseur team from Bali and Thailand.

Spa centers are designed for ladies and gentlemen separately as natural thermal stream rooms, salt rooms, regular saunas, snow fountains, hot tubs, healing clay baths, thermal pools and Turkish baths with the service of rubbing with a coarse bath-glove. Our health center is also on service for our guests with various far-east massage rooms, special hot tubs for aromatherapy and private thermal family baths with and without saunas.


Our guests will enjoy their holiday and discover calmness inside of them by forgeting about time as a concept at Crocus Thermal Spa.

Our vip rooms are designed to make our guests and their families feel comfortable by avoiding all negative energy of their lives.

In their rooms which are away from negativity, our guests will enjoy private saunas, pools and sitting parts with opportunity of massage sections.

Thermal POOLS

Heat of the thermal water which is considered as most valuable and healing water of Afyonkarahisar region and also includes sodium, calcium, sulphate, bicarbonate, fluoride and carbondioxyde is 68 C.

Ph value of water is 6,6-7.

Turkish BATH

Turkish Baths which are a great part of Turkish culture are at our guests’ service as common and private family baths for both our guests visiting our resort and guests who want to experience Turkish culture.

Our guests can enjoy Turkish Baths which preserve their authentic appearance with opportunity of common and private sections.