Wellness is considered as not only a trend but also a lifestyle from now on. Wellness philosophy is created with the aim of making health of human mind, body and spirit exist in harmony by considering humanbeing as a whole.

Tranquility which is achieved by harmony of human mind, body and spirit is a existentialist lifestyle in Safran. We advise you to enjoy schedules which are designed especially for you to discover yourselves.

When do we need wellness ?

  • If we are putting on weight
  • If we are getting a fat belly
  • If we do not do sports
  • If we get sick easily
  • If we smoke and drink alcoholic beverages
  • If we are eating fast food and high fat food a lot
  • If we have a stressful business life. It means that we need wellness.

What do we gain thanks to wellness?

You will have a new start in your life thanks to wellness. You will love yourself and you will have a charming outlook by losing your over weight. You will get rid of your daily stressful life. You will start each day with full of energy and as most important, you will not get sick easily.